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Hi! Do you know if giriboy dated a girl who cheated on him or was a payer or something cause i noticed his tendency to write about a girl who always get text messages and deletes the text messages secretly.


Hello, we don’t know specific details about his relationships or the girls he has dated. We do know, however, a little about his writing process and where he gets the inspiration for his music:

-excerpt from interview Giriboy did with Hiphopplaya-

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Hip: On to the first question by one of our members. You said you make songs of the conversations in films. Is there anything else that inspires you? (ID: oo4444)

Gi: There are several other things than films that inspire me. I hear a conversation in a film and think “Ah, it would be fun to expand this [sentence/thought/idea]”. At other times I pay attention when talking to my friends – especially when we’re out for drinks, that’s when I get the most inspiration. For example, my friend says “Let’s go for a second round!” and I think “Oh, second round sounds good” and then I write it down every time that happens. I also receive lots of inspiration from gag programs on TV. Several things came to me during this interview now too. Ah! One incident happened recently, at a bar in Geondae. There, the phrase “It better not be cold, I will buy and wear clothes and buy and drink alcohol” came up. I thought “Oh, that’s good too” and I’m planning to write a song on it soon.

Hip: If there is a song on “Fatal Album II” whose inspiration you got from a film, then please introduce it to us.

Gi: The title “내 몸이 불타오르고 있어” (My Body Is On Fire) comes from a horror film. There is a prank call scene in it, which contains the line “My body is on fire”. I used exactly that line.

冰箱里的暖咖啡 | do not edit.

And here we have Sehun just randomly sniffing D.O’s neck…