sm: [is down to only 2 groups that still have all their original members, one of which has only been around for like 8 seconds]

shinee: my momma said i have to go home right now immediately

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Reading through all of SM’s scandals this year like

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W Korea tagged Sehun in a post about Miranda Kerr.


My feelings towards SM entertainment atm. 

I don’t get


why YoonA and Sooyoung can be actors while they sing

and Sunny can be on a variety show while being a singer

while Jessica can’t be a designer while being a singer


On another note, I find it hilarious how netizen’s comments to Jessica’s issue is similar to their comments about Sulli.

Just because the girls now have a significant other, netizens would conclude that their doing this because they’re now dating and their boyfriends have an affect on them. “Doing this because you’re with blah blah blah”, “what are you going to do when that guy dumps you”, “she got a backbone now that she’s dating so and so” etc. Ridiculous.